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ソフィア – ワックスシェル3 IN 1マタニティーパーカー





・プラスチック製の務歯でできたDTM ジッパー













温度定格:-18C / 0.4F

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Modern Eternityのすべてのマタニティーアウターウェアは、出産前後の着用のために、特許取得済み3 in 1マタニティーエクステンダーパネルテクノロジーを採用しています。ベビー IN:すべての気象条件における屋外の快適さと自由さを通して、健康的なライフスタイルを促進します。ベビー OUT:ベビーウェアリング・ベビーキャリング、母子の絆作りを促進し、お好みのベビーキャリー、ベビースリング、ベビーラップとも組み合わせて使用することができ、授乳にも適しています(ベビーキャリーは含まれていません)。ベビー FREE:このアイテムは、通常の着用のためのスタイリッシュなコートに逆戻りします。パネルが取り外されると、誰もそれがマタニティーコートだったとは思わないでしょう。




と厳しい気候条件からの保護を提供するように構築されています。また、マタニティー / ナーシングトップス、ナーシングマテニティードレス、レギンスやジョガーパンツなども提供しております。


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Jodi 2016/03/09 16:00
True wind / waterproof
This coat protects me from everything, even freezing rain (NYC, everyone). It is completely waterproof and keeps me warm when I’m only outside because I need to be. The price is definitely worth it.
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Romane 2016/10/18 17:00
Love this outer winter baby wearing
You can't function in Montreal, Canada  without an awesome winter coat. I loved that it was soft and comfortable and covered my hips. I already zipped the baby slip to let the 6 month bump have more room and I am confident it will last my whole pregnant winter. The weight wasn't too much but because of the windbreaker type baby wearing, I am never cold when I wear it. The fur is a nice touch but I like that it can be removed if it gets itchy or in the way. Overall this was the perfect find in size, color, length, weight and fabric. All star item.
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Leo 2016/11/29 16:00
Super Cute
I really love the khaki green color, Elastic on the waist on this baby wearing outer is super cute. Material is  soft,comfortable. and warm. I haven't used the expansion zippers yet, but I am looking forward to doing it soon!
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Jeanette 2017/12/04 16:00
Best gift for pregnant daughter
I ordered it for my little daughter in black. It is stylish enough but i knew that ahead from reading the reviews but it fits pleasantly and appears to be comfortable as well. Great for nursing and easier carrying baby with baby wrap panel while being comfy and cute.
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Sumayya 2018/02/14 16:00
Decent babywearing
Fits consistent with size I'm 5'4", 7 months pregnant, and i purchased a Medium. It’s warm, profound pockets, handy for later in a pregnancy. Honestly it's not the most complimenting maternity jacket. In general I'm content with it and it's incredible quality, ideal for harsh winter.
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Tricia 2018/09/13 17:00
loving this coat
I love this coat! I bought it two years ago and it’s kept up through my second pregnancy. It’s really warm and comfortable. I even wore it when I wasn’t pregnant because I liked it more than my regular coat!!
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Kailyn 2018/09/30 17:00
the jacket is completely functional before, during and after pregnancy .it carries all function that a baby wearing should have and the most important it is waterproof i really enjoy this jacket.
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Kimberly 2018/10/21 17:00
Warm but problem with size
I just bought this coat and it looks great. I plan on exchanging it for a size larger. It fits great without the insert but I got this for babywearing so it's a bit tight with zipping with a 9 month old being carried. Would've been nice if the insert panel was more elastic since all babies and bellies are differently sized.
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Erin 2018/11/20 16:00
Perfect for babywearing. I bought this last winter when pregnant and it kept me warm through all that crazy weather! Now my purchase is paying off again as it fits over me and my 9 month in our carrier with the coat panel in. Great value as I can wear without panel and will serve any future pregnancies once I can face that prospect!
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Loretta 2019/01/11 16:00
best babywearing option in winter
I love this coat! I use it for babywearing and it is nearly perfect. The only thing I have to say is that I wasn’t too sure about the panel at first, only because you have to turn it inside out to use it and the cotton patch on the inside is exposed, but since the panel makes a flap at the top when the baby is inside, it makes up for it.
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