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customer.guest 2017/03/07 16:00
Generally enjoyable !!
Being expected in very earlier day of April, made this cute maternity jacket an absolute necessity! It seems well made, baby panels are very facilitating to accommodate any trimester. I bet it would wear it even after the pregnancy. The only concern why I'm giving it 4 stars is because the arm holes are a tiny bit body-hugging than my regular jackets however not all that bad to require a return. I normally wear S-M tops and generally go for M in outerwear, and this fits flawlessly in Medium.
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customer.guest 2017/03/19 17:00
Found my maternity jacket!!
I saw this maternity jacket in store but couldn't buy then and after a few days i bought it online they shipped it in couple of days without any delays in Canada. It's definitely warm enough in freezing temps- tried it out in the snow today! The hood covers the head completely so don't worry about cold winds and i love its 3 in 1 technology. Its amazing..
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customer.guest 2017/09/30 17:00
Perfect for baby wearing
The comfortable winter maternity jacket is perfectly fit and compliment my figure through each phase of pregnancy. After baby is born, this sharp baby wearing coat makes a smooth change into new mum closet. Simply zip on the kangaroo panel at the front to fit effectively over your baby sling or front transporter. Happy time!
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customer.guest 2018/09/12 17:00
Stylish and lightweight
Precisely what I was searching for, this coat is so comfortable and doesn't make you look fat which most coats do when you purchase a size up when pregnant additional zips at front for comfort as well, I haven't used the baby carrier panel yet I'll add this in once I get bigger and can use the extra panel with the baby in a carrier too.
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customer.guest 2019/02/22 2:20
did not expect it to be this warm!
I purchased this about two weeks ago for UK trip I'll be going to. I couldn't find anything that would cover my growing belly and would look nice. Good thing I looked online and found this maternity jacket very warm and very light.
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customer.guest 2019/12/10 1:05
Trying to return it
I ordered this jacket because it looks great and I needed a warm coat I could use during and after pregnancy. I love how light the down jackets are, so opted for this one.

I am going to return it. This jacket will NOT keep you warm at -15C. I tested by wearing it outside of the door in a windy 5C evening, wearing two layers under it, and I barely felt warm. Since the jacket is fitted, unless you buy a size larger you also won't be able to layer much under it. The arms feel nice and fitted but the bottom is very large with the belly insert, so it could result in an awkward shape.

Last, the finishings for the sleeves and pockets felt delicate.
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