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Modern Eternity is a worldwide brand with a desire to create modern and comfortable wardrobe essentials for the maternity clothing market. 
With a focus on our patented 3-in-1 maternity coat technology, and as the largest designer of maternity outerwear in the world, we consistently look for excellence in quality, design, and workmanship to reliably provide a premium product.
In particular all of Modern Eternity’s maternity outerwear incorporate our patented 3-in-1 maternity extender panel technology for prenatal and postnatal wear.
BABY IN  :  Maternity extender panel expands with your growing belly ensuring you get outdoors, to work, and remain socially active during the PreNatal trimestre.
BABY OUT : Unique function of our PATENTED maternity panel for babywearing & baby carrying once PostNatal,  and works with your favourite baby carrier, sling, wrap, as well as being nursing friendly 
BABY FREE :  This garment converts back to a stylish coat for regular wear. Once the panel is removed, no one will be able to guess that it was ever a maternity coat.