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Produktbewertungen für Seamless Maternity Capri Leggings

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Gast 10.04.2017 17:00
They are ok
These are decent leggings. I love their Capri ones, but for winter the regular leggings are kind of thin. They are not very tight around the ankle. They twist a lot. Otherwise they're nice. I like the over belly high waist, it covers up the bump perfectly
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Gast 14.08.2017 17:00
Love these leggings
I bought these a couple weeks ago and they are the softest leggings I've ever owned! Love the stretch and i love that it stretches over my growing belly.
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Gast 28.03.2018 17:00
soft and comfortable
Very soft and comfy with tons of support on my bump and legs! They're actually quite slimming, and look great under dresses and skirts.   I could wear them everyday.
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Gast 09.05.2018 17:00
Great practical leggings
I love them so much. Yes leggings are comfortable but these leggings provide comfort and are secure around your baby bump. Making you and the baby feel comfortable. Love wearing them everywhere. Even to sleep.
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Gast 02.07.2018 17:00
Best for exercise too
This maternity leggings are so comfy and stylish i even wear it during  exercising. For anyone who enjoys working out during pregnancy I highly recommend but the only concern i have they pull between the legs after 1 wear.
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