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Blog posts of '2018' 'April'

Responsible Down Standard
Responsible Down Standard



We are proud to say that Modern Eternity is registered as per the Responsible Down Standard certificate. We do care of our environment and we want to do all we can, not to deteriorate it more than it already is. Obviously it concerns the earth, but animals and all living being as well.

But what does exactly this certificate consist in?

 The Responsible Down Standard safeguards the welfare of geese and ducks that provide down and feathers for the products we all love.


Tips on How to Wear a Stripped Dress when Pregnant

Striped Maternity dresses and tops are a must have in every closet. If you are wearing it as maternity dress it fits perfectly and accentuates your figure to show off your baby bump, and if you are wearing it as nursing dress can easily be worn for a casual outing.

Styling a striped dress can be lots of fun. You can accessorize it with the colored necklace, throw in some chunky bracelets or team it up with jackets. If you like a minimalistic look like me, keep it simple.

It is a perfect piece to wear to your 9 to 5s, if you are looking for a casual look, read more...

Be a Hero Without a Cape: 5 Advantages of Babywearing Dads
Be a Hero Without a Cape: 5 Advantages of Babywearing Dads

If I had a dollar for everytime a man has said that “babywearing is not manly enough for them,” I would be rich enough to buy my husband several slings for he to keep enjoying his babywearing time. My hubby loves, loves, loves babywearing so much. Sometimes I have seen him reaching the sling before me and saying “It’s okay, babe, I got it.” I do not understand where does the myth of babywearing “not being manly enough” comes from, do you? It must be from the same place where “pink is not a manly color” and “letting your wife drive the car for you isn’t manly enough” comes from. In case you might care, I also drive our family car a lot, and he doesn’t seem to mind. The concept of “real masculinity” can be so toxic, and it might interfere with the essential duties of a father. Guys, babywearing is super comfortable, fun, and isn’t not going to make your beard go away. In any case, I always have thought that babywearing dads are attractive.  Do you want to know more advantages of babywearing? I am going to give you five.


10 Essential Pieces of Clothing Every Fashionable Mom Should Wear
10 Essential Pieces of Clothing Every Fashionable Mom Should Wear

Many women drive themselves crazy with the idea of buying clothes while expecting a baby. How amazing would it be if maternity came with its own wardrobe? But this would probably only happen to a Disney princess. Us, mortals, must look around for clothing that’s comfortable and fashionable. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled some of the essential pieces of clothing you can purchase while being pregnant. Heads up! Because once you finish this article, Kim Kardashian maternity style is going to have nothing on yours.

Drinking Wine While Pregnant
Drinking Wine While Pregnant

Moms who said that they drink a little bit of wine during their pregnancy have been categorized as alcoholics by other parents.

When a woman is pregnant, we all know she should stop drinking alcohol; this is something everybody has in mind. The true fact is that the NHS recommends not to drink at all when pregnant; but experts say the evidence proving light drinking was dangerous is “surprisingly limited”.
So the big issue is to know if drinking one or two glasses of wine during the pregnancy could be dangerous or not! Experts can’t say which quantity is allowed, not to endanger the life of the baby. That’s the reason why they recommend stopping totally drinking alcohol because we are not sure about the consequences.