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Five Fun Usages For Your Maternity Raincoat
Five Fun Usages For Your Maternity Raincoat

If you think a maternity raincoat is only good for staying dry while navigating the rainy spring weather, well think again. In fact, I will wager that many of you did not even know that maternity raincoats for pregnant women even existed. Well, they not only exist, but they can be used for things that you would have never even dreamed of. So, without further ado, here are five ways to get the most out of your maternity raincoat.


Babywearing is the new trend!
Babywearing is the new trend!

Is Babywearing Wearing Out Its Welcome?

If you are not up to date on the latest parental trends for one reason or another, you are not alone. One such trend which has been around for several years now is babywearing. Simply put, babywearing is using a specialized sling or other device to carry your baby close to your body. It is usually done when one is out and about. Read more...

Try babywearing in your maternity coat, it’s warm & more fun!

“Babywearing” is one of the concepts starting to gain popularity in North America. We hear people talking about this all over the world.

There are reasons for that, supporters believe there are a number of benefits to wearing your baby.

What’s so great about babywearing?