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Watch Out! A Baby is Coming: 13 Early Signs of Pregnancy
Watch Out! A Baby is Coming: 13 Early Signs of Pregnancy

The baby is not coming right now but probably in nine months. How do I know it? Honey, the early signs of pregnancy don’t lie. In this article, I’m going to give you 13 early signs of pregnancy to be attentive to,  if you are desperately looking for a baby.

Working While Pregnant
Working While Pregnant

Being pregnant needs to be considered a full-time position! There are tons of jobs a mother-to-be needs to do and she won't even get paid for it. Yet, you still have to work to take the dollars home. While we try to find a solution for that problem, I wanted to give you an article about being a workaholic and a pregnant woman.

This is no myth: many women have tried to balance their professional and mom lives together to find a balance. Do you want to know something great? Many women have succeeded in it! It’s so pleasurable to find stories like this all over the world. I want to give you some testimonies that will offer you solutions and tips for being a mom-to-be and a full-time worker.

I took these testimonies from What To Expect wonderful forum. I highly recommend you to check it out for other points of view...