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Blog posts tagged with 'pregnancy mood'

Is it safe to have sex during my pregnancy?

My partner and I have always been sexual individuals. We still are and, I am not going to lie to you, this is a perk that brought us together. When we got married and decided to have kids our sex was even more carefree than before, but everything changed once I got pregnant. Each one had a fear of doing something wrong and hurting the baby. Let’s admit it right away: he was more scared than me. Does this experience ring a bell to you? Read more>>>

Watch Out! A Baby is Coming: 13 Early Signs of Pregnancy
Watch Out! A Baby is Coming: 13 Early Signs of Pregnancy

The baby is not coming right now but probably in nine months. How do I know it? Honey, the early signs of pregnancy don’t lie. In this article, I’m going to give you 13 early signs of pregnancy to be attentive to,  if you are desperately looking for a baby.

Maternity Moms Face Surging Media Storm
Maternity Moms Face Surging Media Storm

A pregnant woman experiences a multitude of emotions when she first discovers she is expecting. Certainly an exciting period in one's life, this stage in life can also be filled with a level of uncertainty and anxiety. The numerous  mixed messages a mom-to-be is slammed with can often lead to confusion and frustration.

It's no secret we are living in a real time technologically advanced inter-connected world where we are constantly torpedoed with consumer messages. During pregnancy, women are unloaded upon with an  endless stream of information pertaining to the health of her and baby. At that rate of disbursement, it is easy for the quality messages to get lost.