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America lost its “baby boom”: Fewer millennial women are having babies.
America lost its “baby boom”: Fewer millennial women are having babies.

According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and an article published by USA Today: 

1.The rate of births to women ages 15 to 44, known as the general fertility rate, sank to a record low of about 60 per 1,000.

2.Women in their early 40s were the only group with higher birth rates in 2017, up 2 percent from the year. The rate has been rising since the early 1980s.

3.The cesarean section rate rose by a tiny amount after having decreased four years. Studies have shown C-sections are more common in first-time births involving older moms.

Caution! Don’t Use These Skin Care Ingredients While Pregnant
Caution! Don’t Use These Skin Care Ingredients While Pregnant

Skin is a fascinating organ. In addition to protecting us, it also absorbs what we put on it. It’s all the more important then, to be careful of skin care treatments while you are pregnant.

The very last thing you want to have to deal with is skin problems, infections, and harmful ingredients entering your body through your skin while pregnant. In serious cases it can, and will, affect your baby whether it’s now or later.


Natural birth Vs C section
Natural birth Vs C section

“I just want the best way to get my baby out safely”: stories on natural birth and C-section.

Births are monumental moments in a woman’s life. Deciding which type of birth would you like to have whether it’s a C-section or a natural birth is an important decision. Some of you might be pregnant for the first time and some other probably have several kids, but all of you know the birth of every kid is different.

I know a woman who, by choice, decided to have all of her babies only through natural birth: my mother.  I want to tell her story in this article. Additionally, I want to add the stories of other women who have been through several natural births. I hope to shine a light on the realness of this issue.

Is it safe to have sex during my pregnancy?
Is it safe to have sex during my pregnancy?

My partner and I have always been sexual individuals. We still are and, I am not going to lie to you, this is a perk that brought us together. When we got married and decided to have kids our sex was even more carefree than before, but everything changed once I got pregnant. Each one had a fear of doing something wrong and hurting the baby. Let’s admit it right away: he was more scared than me. Does this experience ring a bell to you? Read more>>>

Tips on How to Wear a Stripped Dress when Pregnant

Striped Maternity dresses and tops are a must have in every closet. If you are wearing it as maternity dress it fits perfectly and accentuates your figure to show off your baby bump, and if you are wearing it as nursing dress can easily be worn for a casual outing.

Styling a striped dress can be lots of fun. You can accessorize it with the colored necklace, throw in some chunky bracelets or team it up with jackets. If you like a minimalistic look like me, keep it simple.

It is a perfect piece to wear to your 9 to 5s, if you are looking for a casual look, read more...

Drinking Wine While Pregnant
Drinking Wine While Pregnant

Moms who said that they drink a little bit of wine during their pregnancy have been categorized as alcoholics by other parents.

When a woman is pregnant, we all know she should stop drinking alcohol; this is something everybody has in mind. The true fact is that the NHS recommends not to drink at all when pregnant; but experts say the evidence proving light drinking was dangerous is “surprisingly limited”.
So the big issue is to know if drinking one or two glasses of wine during the pregnancy could be dangerous or not! Experts can’t say which quantity is allowed, not to endanger the life of the baby. That’s the reason why they recommend stopping totally drinking alcohol because we are not sure about the consequences.

How to get rid of your pregnancy stretch marks?

Unfortunately, for most women, stretch marks are inevitable during pregnancy. Many women hate the way that stretch marks look, although others see them as a way to show they have carried and birthed children. No matter which side you agree with, there are some ways that you can avoid stretch marks, and ways to even help them lighten or disappear completely. Read more...