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Invité 12/09/2017 17:00
Going to wear it most of the year.
The maternity jacket is extremely sharp, extraordinary quality, exquisite and warm. This is just perfect maternity outerwear thing which can be worn a large portion of the year. Indeed, even it can be changed into vest. I am going to wear it after my pregnancy and nobody could figure ever that it's a same maternity jacket. So happy with this maternity jacket.
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Invité 20/10/2017 17:00
Super maternity outer
This maternity jacket is love. It’s so comfy, warm, lightweight and stylish.  I love its baby in and baby out feature it’s so easy. My baby 1.5 months old only I can’t leave her home alone whenever I have to go grocery shopping i carry easily my baby with this winter baby carrier jacket. I am gonna wear this jacket most of the year as its sleeves can be unzipped as well
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Invité 29/03/2018 17:00
Fairly best maternity jacket
Best coat I've at any point had and I cherish my jacket! It's flexible, comfortable ,warm and best of all accommodates my baby when she's in the sling. This has been a lifeline particularly in the changing climate as then don't need to worry about her overheating when we go inside or freezing when we go outside!
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