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customer.guest 30.10.2017 17:00
Nice fit!!
Absolutely love these! They stay up all day! I am 20 weeks pregnant so some maternity stuff is just too big and its ankle length seems more like normal length to me. I do find I'm pulling them up a lot though. They are versatile and I can roll them for capris.  I can tell I will be able to fit these most or all of my pregnancy! Overall good!
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customer.guest 05.12.2017 16:00
stylish and comfortable
I can't believe I waited so long to buy maternity jeans...I wish I bought these sooner because they look and fit like regular jeans but it feels like I'm wearing a super comfortable pair of pants!
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customer.guest 23.01.2018 16:00
They are the best.
These are the best jeans ever! I live in skinny jeans with elastic. These were the perfect pregnancy essential, I bought 2 pairs to wash and wear as they're so comfy! I'm a size standard size small and fit in a size SMALL perfectly, even 6.5 months pregnant now the super stretchy jersey belly is so soft and a welcome support and nearly covers me to feel totally snug.
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customer.guest 04.11.2018 16:00
Love the color of these pregnancy wearing jeans
Love the color of these maternity jeans! I’m 21 weeks pregnant with twins and these fit great and look like they will last through the pregnancy.  Only thing was, I have a hard time getting them up in the back.
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customer.guest 04.12.2018 16:00
so comfy
I bought these last week and they are so comfy! I hope they last though. I need to be able to wear them until at least March, this is my second pair. :)
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customer.guest 13.01.2019 16:00
Nice maternity jeans for skinny legs
The color and quality of these maternity jeans are very nice! However, size up at least 1 or 2 sizes from your pre-pregnancy size... they run pretty tight to me
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